Wild, Sustainable, Delicious

Alaskan Leader Seafoods is a commercial fishing company specializing in wild, hook-and-line-caught Alaskan Cod. Their harvesting and on-board clean processing methods set them apart as an industry leader.

To complement their robust wholesale and food service business, they were looking to expand into the retail frozen category. They developed a line of value-added marinated cod fillets appealing to those with busy lifestyles who are looking for a healthy, delicious meal that is easy to prepare. They brought us in to design their retail experience and launch a national brand.

Brand Strategy/Packaging

D2 reviewed brand directives, product details and marketing goals with business stakeholders. They had a trial opportunity with some large club store retailers, but the timeline was short. This opportunity needed immediate action.

Working within a condensed time frame, D2 refined their logo, developed packaging and some key marketing materials for product launch. After a trial run and some very positive sales indicators in one warehouse location, their products were expanded nationally.


With a national presence in club stores, Alaskan leader was asked to do tastings within warehouse locations throughout the country. D2 created in-store displays, banners, ads and a trade show booth for SENA, the largest seafood trade show in the U.S.

Brand Diversification

Once the Alaskan Leader brand was established, the marinated cod items were developed for retail grocery to expand market share and distribution. D2 translated the branding to a smaller pack size in a poly bag with 2 servings. Soon after, they added Fish Taco Cuts to their line of retail items, responding to a need for this popular recipe.

As the commercial fishing climate is changing and wild-caught catch quotas pose limits on cod fishing, Alaskan Leader is looking to create new revenue streams with other popular species. They have just introduced 2 new items to their line of retail products, Halibut & Black Cod, also know as Sablefish. Since these new items are more of a specialty and sell at a higher price point, the package branding needed to represent as “premium” and define a separate category within the Alaskan Leader line apart from the marinated cod items.

To satisfy objectives, D2 created color bands that clearly separate and differentiate the species. The photography was re-imagined for a more clean, simple presentation and graphic messaging was cleaned up overall.


Today, the Alaskan Leader brand can be found in both club stores and retail grocery throughout the U.S. Alaskan Leader continues to grow their brand and introduce new products to increase awareness and maintain customer interest and loyalty.