In 2019, we increased our client's lead rate by more than 25% by properly targeting ads and placing greater emphasis on performance rather than reach.

D2 drove Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) up 26% with 23% lower budgets. Same output for less input equals money well spent.

Our strategy changed to increase conversion, so our focus was on user qualitynot quantity. We used their website analytics and VariaMetrix to identify their ideal audience, and went about creating lookalike audiences to improve performance. We knew we were on the right track when we saw rising session durations and declining bounce rates of 20% and 33%, respectively. Once we knew we had the right audience we began to optimize the account itself through targeting, keyword selection, landing page selection, and ad copy refinements.

60% of all annual quote leads came after our data-driven optimization. After we took over the account, we ran 3 months of basic testing and optimizations. After initial testing we used the collected data from the test to guide our account overhaul, which drove conversion rates as high as 24% in certain campaigns. We advised the client to build a custom landing page for a product based on search queries, which generated almost 30% of all leads for the year in 4 months.

Optimizations also led to a top-of-page visibility boost of 6% with no increase in click cost (the result of improved quality scores from the rebuild).