Supporting a local potato grower with a more functional, informative web site

Since 1938, Double N Potatoes has been producing premium quality potatoes from the Skagit Valley, a small fertile delta in northwest Washington, perfect for growing specialty potatoes (reds, yellows, whites and fingerlings). Their commitment to quality, consistency and service is the base on which they have built their reputation and growth as one of the best specialty growers in the country.

Prior-state Double-N web site

Project Background

Double N approached D2 to refresh their website, originally built back in 2006. The technology was outdated, did not scale to modern devices, and did not successfully reflect the positive attributes of their growing operation. Their audience is mostly B2B, medium-to-large retail buyers who make purchase decisions for grocery produce.

The potato industry has a limited brand presence and customer loyalty but quality and price are the driving factors for consumer purchasing. Key considerations for the new site were to highlight the natural growing assets of the region, speak to the history and longevity of their business and showcase the high-quality products they have to offer. In the end, this would build reliability and trust for their current and future buying customers.

Our Approach

We sat down with Double N to set out the goals for their new site and to look at other sites they felt were the right direction. The most important considerations were:

  • Quick access to product information for commercial customers
  • Information for drivers to access vital information on-the-go
  • Establishment of Double N’s high-quality ethos
  • Potential consumer-focused eCommerce expansion
  • Ease of use for site editors


Based on the relatively simple information that needed to be conveyed, and the requirement for editor simplicity, we opted to build the site in WordPress with a completely custom theme. Because the home page needed to serve as command central for their B2B customers to quickly access product information as well as delivery drivers who were trying to locate their warehouse, we created a gridded interface with quick links to the most accessed information within the site.


With the content plan and layouts in place, we wanted to make sure each page was engaging and distinct, so we employed aerial footage of the farm as well as some closer product shots to beautifully identify each section of the site. Adding fine touches with parallax movement separated the content tiles from the background for readability and engagement.

The new Double-N Potatoes web site


The new site was launched in September 2017 on D2's web hosting at and has brought more recognition to the brand and its quality products in their B2B business. It also serves as a checkpoint for their local consumers who know them as their backyard grower and visit the Potato Shed store for fresh farm-to-market potatoes during the harvest season.