Douglass Interior Products is a Bellevue-based supplier of leather and vinyl coverings for commercial and private aviation, marine, automotive, and home interiors and furniture. They were looking for a better way to highlight their extensive line of products to current and potential customers. Their current method of sending comprehensive swatch samples was costly, time consuming and wasteful.

Concepts and Strategy

We first consulted with the client on the application of the finished product, use, distribution methods, and its primary messaging and purpose. With open-ended goals, we were glad for the opportunity to give our creativity free reign. We explored folded boxes, brochures, 3-dimensional folded pieces, booklets, binders, and other items that could convey the quality and range of Douglass’ products while still making it easy for recipients to understand, use, and order.

Along with the client, we decided on a quad-fold, two-pocket folder with custom shaping, embossing, and die-cuts. Determining the number of samples which were to be included with every folder to distribute to prospective customers, we suggested a heavier paper stock with a UV soft touch coating best suited to provide the feel of leather, in line with their product lines. We also suggested a paper stock for both the folder and inserts which best highlighted the swatch colors.

Organizing the catalog

With over six hundred products, organizing the multitude of individual swatches would have been a monumental task if done by hand. However, we were able to parlay the expertise in automation and information organization of our digital team toward generate templates for each of the twenty-six different product categories. By applying a data model to the design assets, we generated consistent, color-managed Adobe InDesign files in seconds and which required only a minimal amount of adjustment hand-off to our print partner.


We calculated the dimensions of the final piece and designed the die cut for the logo and lock tab in a pre-press environment. We ran both the folders and inserts on an offset press which we managed for color match and quality assurance.

Final Product

We set up the print, die- and laser-cut, and hand folding to customer specifications. The embossing and soft touch UV was applied and the inserts printed and collated into sets. The final piece was a truly custom, high-quality folder which the customer now uses to distribute marketing materials and samples to their clients. It is a true representation of their branding and swatch samples and used to showcase their unique products and services to support sales and marketing for clients throughout various aviation, automotive, marine, and home furnishings.