Driving employer sign-ups with the right media mix

Against a background of record-low unemployment, employers in Washington state were faced with hiring challenges. Identifying this need, the state’s Employment Security Department (ESD) set out with the goal of increasing awareness and utilization of its WorkSource services—specifically the worksourcewa.com website—as a tool for employers to connect with candidates.

Marketing Analytics

Our process involved polling stakeholder opinion across the state for information regarding awareness, sign-ups, and usage for the job website. Through surveys and usage analytics, we were able to identify user pain points, specifically employers, that prevented them from using the site to find available candidates for their open positions. We then identified an action plan that involved building awareness, education about state benefits and a streamlined user experience on worksourcewa.com. Through the discovery process, D2 also uncovered internal processes that needed to be modified.

Step 1: Testing Creative

Campaign ads were A/B tested with a limited audience to determine the best approach for visuals and messaging elements. Testing was conducted by running three digital display ad concepts in four sizes with limited scope on a programmatic display ad network. Engagement with Concept A —the one with the spyglass—was marginally higher than the other concepts. Within Concept A, the female-silhouette variant received the best response and became the chosen creative direction.

Step 2: Creating an Ideal Landing Environment

WorkSource faced a unique situation where their sign-up process assumed users already knew the ins and outs of their government accounts. D2 designed a new landing environment to help employers know how the process will work and what information they will need to get started. D2's new landing page was reviewed and vetted by all client stakeholders across the state to make sure it addresses the key complaints heard from businesses trying to sign up.

The existing WorkSource employer landing page required multiple steps and confused many users before they even began.
D2's new landing page for businesses reduced the process to a friendly, three-step affair.

Step 3: Launch Full Media Campaign

D2 planned a state-wide multimedia campaign that included print, radio, social media, paid search, online streaming services, programmatic advertising, and retargeting. The campaigns were monitored daily and optimized mid-flight to ensure insights were immediately implemented into the campaign.


Upon completion, the campaign acquired a total of 1,241 conversions over the course of 90 days from a total media budget of $191,000, or a cost-per action (CPA) of $153. A conversion was defined as a user starting the account sign-up process It also generated over 12 million impressions, 30,000 engagements to the custom landing page designed as part of the campaign. WorkSource received well over $300,000 in media value due to discounts, grants, value-adds, and rebates.

The silhouette-and-spyglass ad series received the best rate of response when we tested it in the marketplace.