Building a diversified campaign to foster awareness, and appeal to a broad range of audiences.

UW Foster School of Business has the reputation for being #1 in MBA job placement and outpaces elite schools for MBA technology hires. They are known for delivering a top-notch business education and offer fourteen degree programs with a different type of audience for each one. D2’s challenge was to build a diverse campaign that appealed to all of them.


The school had some student data that gave us statistical descriptions of our audience. In addition, attending sample classes, introductory seminars, and meeting with department stakeholders gave us an opportunity to actually meet current and prospective students and gain sentiment from managers running the programs.

Key goals for this campaign were to re-emphasize prestige, maintain and build brand awareness and make sure prospective students understood the flexibility offered by all the masters programs. There are options for evening, online, full-time and part-time as well as 14 degree options ranging from undergraduate to phd with specialty master programs in between.

Strategy & Execution

The best strategy here was to remain flexible and fill the needs of each degree program as needed for recruiting throughout the year. Enrollment deadlines varied so we could allocate resources to different campaigns running at different times. The campaigns were largely digital display but there were also tandem placements in airports and on billboards, buses and magazines.

Display Ads


Compared to the prior year's advertising campaign produced in-house, impressions were up across the board. The key goal of maintaining full enrollment was quickly reached, and of the secondary goals laid out by Foster from the beginning discovery process, D2 has measurably accomplished each.

Our ability to flexibly respond to new requirements, timelines, and emerging opportunities allowed us to delivery a ROI that otherwise would not have been achievable, especially in such a saturated advertising market.