DiagnosTechs offers non-invasive testing options for healthcare providers and their patients.

DiagnosTechs was the first laboratory to introduce saliva testing for cortisol into routine practice. Building on that innovation, they now supply noninvasive test panels for a range of hormones, food sensitivities, microbes, pathogens, and parasites.

DiagnosTechs' goal was to expand their innovative home test kits to the direct-to-consumer market, so D2 launched a comprehensive campaign, including brand development, packaging design, and marketing efforts.

Brand development

The objective of DiagnosTechs' home test kits is to begin customers on a journey to better health. Building off the DiagnosTechs logo, we developed a brand mark that incorporates a “pin” icon to represent the identification of a specific starting point.

We created a custom color palette to designate the different types of tests and paired them with a “topographic” background texture, further enforcing the concept of traveling a path to better health.


We worked with one of our production partners to create an inner shipping box compatible with the requirements to contain the test components, and designed outer sleeves to reflect the brand and designate the different types of tests.

Web Site

We created an e-commerce website to provide a seamless experience for customers to learn more about DiagnosTechs, get educated on the importance of getting tested, and order home test kits.