Package design that launched a brand

InnovAsian Cuisine was one of the first Asian food companies to supply easy-to-assemble kits to behind-the-glass deli Asian take-out in retail grocery stores. They had a small brand presence in the frozen category in one major retail chain but were quickly losing market share as more competition began to surface in the ethnic foods category. D2 was called in to refresh their branding.

Brand Strategy/Packaging

The key difference for the InnovAsian line of products is they are largely component style, single entree items in a package, rather than a meal-in-a-box like the rest of their competition. To showcase this attribute, we created the image of a hot, steamy pagoda box to capture that moment when you get Chinese take-out and open the box to a hot, fragrant meal. Take-out Asian restaurants typically include side dishes and appetizers separately so the image fit the product attributes.

As a result of the redesign, their sales were up 33% in the first year after the new packaging was introduced. InnovAsian Cuisine can now be found in almost every major retail grocery chain in the country, as well as in Canada and Mexico.

Advertising/Social Media

With a little help from in-store promotions, new product introductions, social media, digital campaigns and couponing, InnovAsian remains a category leader in the prepared Asian cuisine category nationwide.