Building brand equity as an early adopter in the expanding ethnic cuisine category.

InnovAsian Cuisine was one of the first Asian food companies to supply easy-to-assemble kits to behind-the-glass deli take-out in retail grocery stores. They began in 1999, and having foresight and all the right distribution channels, they became category leaders early on. As more competition began to surface in the ethnic foods category, D2 was brought in to help build brand awareness and retain market share.

B2B & B2C

Although InnovAsian Cuisine had a great head start, keeping the lead takes staying top of mind and creating new opportunities and interest for both buyers and consumers. To accomplish this, D2 developed B2B communications and promotional items to announce special offers, and in-store events like Chinese New Year and Moon Festival, yearly traditional Chinese celebrations.

Event promotions were aimed at keeping consumers aware and interested in grocery store Asian take-out. Promotional items included festive ceiling danglers, deli case static clings, easel cards and matching themed cards for inside the deli case to identify products that were part of the promotions.

Limited Time Offers were created for both buyers and consumers introducing new product offerings in an effort to stay on-track with current industry food trends.

Trade Ads

Trade Shows

Trade ads and trade shows are an important piece of maintaining brand awareness within the foodservice category. The shows range in size from the International Deli, Dairy, Bakery Association (IDDBA), one of the largest foodservice shows in the country, to smaller, more category-specific shows for different industries.

For the IDDBA show, we created a 20’ x 30’ Asian-style bistro booth, complete with 2 serving stations, a digital menu board and some bistro tables for customers to rest a minute from the busy show floor.

For smaller shows, 10’ x 10’ booths were developed with banners and interchangeable pieces that could be switched out, depending on the show category and capacity for booth space.


InnovAsian Cuisine remains one of the key suppliers for grocery store Asian take out as well as for schools and the military. To build on the success of their foodservice business, D2 was also hired to expand their products into retail. They can now be found in the frozen aisle in every major grocery chain throughout the US.