Exceeding ROAS goals by more than 3×

Picture it: Utah, 2013.

Park City Mountain Resort, a destination resort of yesteryear that needed a boost. Their goal was to double their return on digital ad spending to 6:1. While we had several tools at our disposal to make this happen, some of the typical levers we pull, like adjustments to ticket pricing, were simply unavailable.

Park City 50th anniversary logo

Strategy and measurement

Like with most of our advertising projects, our strategy was foundationally data oriented. We would begin with what we know before we test, measure, and adjust. We started with testing budget of 10% for the first half of the season during which we ran parallel ad messaging with varying targeting criteria. We measured traffic through Omniture and Google Analytics, and charted the impact on different ads against purchases through their e-commerce website.


With enough data from September–November, we made more adjustments to the creative assets and messaging with a bigger budget for the key months of December–March. Even small adjustments to the ads, like adding a child, yielded incredible results.


Return on Ad Spend ended up at 14:1, far surpassing the 6:1 goal! This was a tremendous increase to the value of the park, which was purchased by Vail Resorts the following year for more than $180m.