Building brand awareness for community service.

Pierce Transit improves people’s quality of life by providing safe, reliable, innovative, and useful transportation services that are locally based and regionally connected. Founded in 1979 and serving Washington’s second largest county, Pierce Transit is a nationally recognized leader in the public transportation industry.

Social media

To help build awareness and to increase engagement through Pierce Transit’s social media channels, D2 developed icon sets to highlight and identify different types of company and community posts, including safety information, Detection K9 activities, and holiday events.

Pierce Transit badge for Chato the K9 Detective
Pierce Transit help badge
Pierce Transit holiday badge 2

Video production

Pierce Transit offers a variety of services that many people are not aware of. They have a frequent rider program developed for businesses that saves on commuting costs for both employees and businesses. D2 created an animated video for this program that highlights the benefits and details in an interesting yet informative way. This video is used as a sales tool when marketing to businesses to showcase the program and help increase ridership.

Drone photography was utilized to outline a proposed new bus route along the Ruston waterfront in Tacoma. The video offers stakeholders and potential funding and building partners a bird’s eye view of the scenery and businesses along the new route.