Creating the foundation for a civil-service business

Real Estate Services, NW is a small firm that makes a big impact. They work with municipal and regional governments to negotiate land acquisitions for massive capital projects. As such, their marketing needs are quite different than those of a consumer-focused brand. Still, we were able to help.


We developed a logo that projects strength and stability while hinting at complexity and suggesting tracts of land, but without being too on-the-nose about it. We helped them transition their name to the acronym “RES” to avoid excessive complexity.


Good doesn't have to be complicated, and we don't recommend features unless they're in service of a defined goal. We created a relatively simple site using the Gatsby framework to showcase RES's qualifications, experience, and accomplishments. Direct and to-the-point, this approach is effective for bidding managers who have to compare RES against their competition on a stringent rubric.