We helped RH2 celebrate 40 years in business with a bolder, more modern look.

New logo

Logo refinements were initiated with the goal of creating a stronger, cleaner, more modern brandmark, while building off of the existing visual elements that had become recognizable to RH2's clients.

Existing RH2 logo
Updated RH2 logo
Updated RH2 logo

The new logo represents RH2's history and water capabilities in a visually descriptive, more simplified graphic treatment. The wordmark and wave elements are bolder and brighter for greater impact and recognizability. The blue and green colors are representative of water and earth elements. Engineering was removed to better represent RH2's expanding service capabilities.

New business collateral

To further develop RH2's new visual identity, we designed their letterhead and business cards with bright pops of color, texture, and shapes to reinforce the bold impact of RH2's new image. Brand guidelines were created to ensure all visual elements were utilized consistently.

New web site

To complete RH2's brand refresh, we developed a new web site with a more visual and streamlined design, making it engaging and intuitive. It places focus on RH2's service capabilities and completed project case studies, making pertinent information readily accessible.

RH2 was unable to access or edit their unmanaged WordPress web site.