Developing a solid baseline to grow RH2’s social media presence and engagement

RH2 is a well-respected civil engineering firm with a 40+ year history of excellence in geotechnical, water, transportation, and electrical projects. D2 was engaged to not only create a new brand and website, but to bolster their social media and online community presence.

Communication plan

Starting with a position of little to no regular social media involvement, D2 developed an editorial calendar, created templates for RH2’s social media channels, curated content, and managed the social media posts and analytics, collecting content from their various offices throughout the Pacific Northwest and staying within the governance outlines of their corporate management.

Social posting

In a matter of a few months, we were able to build a solid base of followers. The following 6 months saw a continued increase in followers and contributors, and a 54% increase in engagement with clients, prospective customers, job candidates, and the communities they serve. Our efforts included regular posts involving RH2 culture, social and community involvement, job opportunities, project updates, awards, and industry updates.

D2 managed their social media analytics and provided competitive analysis to measure which posts perform best and what content resonates with their clients/followers. We also benchmarked their social media performance against key competitors in the same market segment, which allowed RH2 to develop content that best positions their company online.


RH2’s social media presence has continued to grow and we trained internal staff to provide ongoing regular updates, which have solidified their online presence and increased engagement – driving new job applicants, increase in followers, and bi-directional communication with clients, prospects, and supporters. The strong baseline D2 created has further solidified RH2’s position as a professional, customer-centric, yet innovative engineering industry leader.