Targeted category branding

Sea Port is a seafood supplier for foodservice and retail customers throughout the U.S. They import all kinds of seafood from across the globe. They are well-known in the industry for their variety of products and commitment to quality and service. Their Asian specialty products are distributed in Asian markets in the U.S. and Japan. This Sea Port sub-brand is named “Cnami”.

Brand strategy

Our goal was to create a sub-brand that felt like part of the Sea Port family of products, but with more appropriate positioning for its market category. With some discovery and product positioning research, we decided on an appropriate evolution of their current brand.

The Cnami brand needed a clean, modern appeal and a consistent look across products that would resonate with an Asian demographic, both in the U.S. and Japan. Since these products sell at a premium price, the overall look needed to reflect that.

Brand development

We developed a new logo and refined colors to align with the Sea Port brand, then created brand standards outlining key components like positioning, logo usage, colors and graphic patterns. We reviewed packaging options with a modern Asian appeal that were based on evolving the previous version of the packaging. It’s important to maintain existing customers while trying to build loyalty among new customers.

Sea Port’s Cnami products are beautiful and colorful, so showcasing the product through the use of windows or clear containers made good sense for this brand. A blue wave pattern was chosen as the graphic foundation for the Cnami brand while color is used to identify and compliment the different products.