Reacting to the pandemic's effects on tourism in San Diego

COVID-19 was a gut-punch to many small businesses. The near-elimination of travel in the summer of 2020 has impacted tourism-based companies particularly hard. We Love Tourists in San Diego was not immune to that impact. As the country learned more about the disease, certain areas were reopened. We Love Tourists had to take the opportunity where it was presented, despite the remaining low rates of travel.

Business model adjustments

Having worked with WLT over several years in a purely media-buying capacity, wealready had the relationship to suggest an adjustment in their business model to target current residents of San Diego. With so many people stuck at home and other social outlets decimated, We Love Tourists' outdoor aquatic activities could tap a lot of demand.

So, we turned We Love Tourists into We Love Locals! to let them “Rediscover San Diego.”

We Love Locals! campaign logo

Advertising campaign

We advertised on Facebook targeting people in the San Diego area with affinities for outdoor activities and watersports. We worked with the client to offer local discount packages.

Updated web site, SEO, and dedicated landing page

We updated the web site to…

With time of the essence, we worked within the company's existing web framework to create a landing page and booking flow for residents to rent jet skis, paddle boards, and kayaks for fun in the sun on San Diego’s Mission Bay.


The business was saved! The new revenues from the campaign stemmed the tide and kept the.