Alaskan Leader Seafoods is a commercial fishing company with an extensive wholesale presence. Their specialty is wild hook-and-line-caught Alaskan Cod. Their harvesting and clean processing methods are what truly makes them an industry leader.

Although they have a strong presence in wholesale and food service sales, they were looking to establish their name in retail markets. They developed a line of value-added products as a response to busy lifestyles and healthy eating. Although the health benefits of eating fish are well documented, most people don’t really understand how to prepare it. This line of marinated cod fillets served to fill the need for a quick, delicious, easy-to-prepare protein as part of a healthy meal.


We met with with the business stakeholders to review brand directives and product details. They had a trial opportunity with some retailers, but the timeline was short. This opportunity needed immediate action before it disappeared.

Based on some early sales indicators, the team at Alaskan Leader decided to expand their market and began to set appointments Nationally. Today, the Alaskan Leader brand can be found in several retail stores across the U.S.