Annual SIRF Benefit Soirée

The Seafood Industry Research Fund (SIRF) is a non-profit organization working at the intersection of science and business. SIRF awards grants to individuals and institutions to conduct innovative, forward-thinking research that will advance seafood industry improvements within the relevant fields of aquaculture, food safety, nutrition, and fisheries resource management.

Each year, SIRF holds a benefit to raise funds for their organization. This soirée brings industry leaders to the table for an evening supporting seafood research.


For several years now, D2 has had the honor of coordinating all the event materials, including theming, invitations, signage and a special gift for attendees. For 2019, the theme was Top Gun, based on the event’s location in San Diego, amidst the military bases in that area. The gift was a SIRF-branded pair of aviator sunglasses, which was at the table place settings as the guests arrived. Everyone in attendance had some fun taking pictures and looking cool like Top Gun.

Annual Themes

For 2020, the event was in Orlando and the gift was a fish skin wallet with inserts prompting attendees to “Put some skin in the game”. Donation cards in the wallets and a collection fishbowl in the middle of the table prompted a record year for donations, up 200% from previous years.

For 2018, the event in Miami included a surfboard keychain.

The 2017 gala was in San Francisco and the gift/invite was chocolates imprinted with the SIRF logo to celebrate the chocolatier artistry in the city.

In 2016 the invitation was a 3D-printed globe that doubled as a Christmas ornament, since each year the invites are distributed right before the Christmas holiday.


These gift invitations are meant to be as memorable as the event and raise awareness of this one-of-a-kind soirée and the organization it supports. The number of attendees increases every year,
as well as contributions.

Wishing SIRF their best year ever!