InnovAsian Social Media

How a Facebook Campaign Reached Loyal Customers & Boosted Revenue

Building on the success of their packaging redesign and branding update, InnovAsian Cuisine came to D2 looking to increase subscriptions to their Members Rewards Program using social media. Facebook was chosen as the most viable platform to increase audience engagement and reach potential future rewards members.

It was our goal from the beginning for this campaign to encourage participation without becoming too “sales-y.” Our posts were created with authenticity and usefulness in mind, reflecting the personality of the company we’ve worked with for so long.

D2 developed a complete content plan, generating weekly posts as well as supplemental content. Targeted posts were ‘boosted’ on certain platforms to reach the widest audience. We put together a contest where purchasers of InnovAsian cuisine could vote for their favorite flavor in exchange for rewards points, redeemable for coupons and even prizes. Our Black Friday ‘double-points’ posts gave InnovAsian cuisine a spike in sales as customers clamored to get rewards points, leading to the largest day of points registrations and redemptions by far.