InnovAsian Cuisine is a long-time client of D2, having contracted Diane Davis to redesign retail packaging in 2009 to great success. Due to the unprecedented growth we’ve set them up for over the last decade, they needed an update to their trade-show presence. In late 2016, we began work on their next trade show booth.

The Right Layout

InnovAsian Cuisine secured a 20′ x 30′ booth space at the International Deli Dairy Bakery Association trade show in Anaheim for the spring of 2017. The island-style booth space afforded us a great opportunity to attract foot traffic from all sides, and we made sure to take advantage of it.

The Right Concept

Early on, we knew the booth needed to be product-focused, so we started with the idea that the environment itself should not distract buyers from sampling flavors and talking shop. What better concept, we thought, than to erect a calm Asian bistro in the middle of the busy show floor.

Tightening Belts

Midway through the project the budget was revised down by about 30%. Our flexible creative approach helped us address the challenge by identifying features that could be eliminated, reduced, or substituted. Savings from this approach allowed us to keep the ‘must-have’ items like serving stations and digital menu boards.

Iterative Process

We believe in progressive enhancement, so we started with general concepts and refined them over multiple passes, keeping our client in the loop as the design became more and more real with each iteration.

Going Digital

To really get the feel of an Asian bistro, we needed menu boards. We decided that digital messaging would allow us to update the content on the fly, featuring different products and packages based on immediate feedback at the show. This reflects our approach of using real-time observations to influence design decisions.

Bringing it Together

We worked with Skyline to construct the booth and made refinements to the structure.