Integra User Conference

Integra designs innovative, long-term care pharmacy software solutions, customized for the unique needs of pharmacies across the nation. Known for its exemplary customer service, Integra hosts an annual user conference for their clients to explore the latest market and technology trends and help them better understand and improve pharmacy processes.

Conference Theme

Since the 2019 conference was being held in the Seattle area, the conference theme centered on exploration, discovery, and nature to give guests a taste of the Pacific Northwest. A custom logo, color palette, and image library was built as the foundation for all of the visual components of the event.

Program Guide

A comprehensive, spiral-bound program guide was created to help attendees navigate the conference classes, maps, and special events.


Signage was designed for wayfinding and announcements throughout the event hall to help provide information to the
attendees, while reinforcing the visual identity of the conference experience.