PACCAR Deep-dive Analytics

Going beyond standard analytics

PACCAR runs Google Analytics on all its properties and worked with partners to track key indicators, but it wasn’t enough. Even with all the data available, the numbers alone didn’t tell a story, so D2 stepped in.

  • We redefined the KPIs to identify the strongest buying signals outside of eCommerce, which wasn’t an option on the site
  • We identified custom audience segments to understand differences between users who convert and those who do not
  • We created custom audience lists to target users in Google AdWords and DoubleClick and measured their performance against other audience groups to ensure partners were targeting the right type of users.


D2 created a system for reporting general trends automatically and called out key points to present an informative narrative to PACCAR Parts executives. This report combines standard analytics indicators like traffic volume, sources, and more, and combines it with more in-depth information such as audience segmentation, purchaser profiles, and engagement analytics. We then use attribution modeling along with industry and marketing calendars to understand how other external factors influence site performance and guide the client’s marketing decisions.


Creating a positive feedback loop of data boosted site traffic and the quality of users simultaneously. Since launch the site’s monthly traffic has increased by 400+% thanks to information gathered by D2. We shared the data with the client and their partners to understand how to define a quality user and find more users like the ideal. Conversion rates increased 300% in addition to traffic gains thanks to better targeting, helping the site reach hefty business goals set forth by management.