Sea Port

Sea Port has been a client of D2 since our inception, and prior to that was a key client of one of our predecessor companies, Davis Design Associates. As a result of the increased success they experienced in no small part due to our efforts, they finally had resources and the political buy-in for an update.

The Sea Port wave is very well recognized in the seafood industry, particularly with their foodservice customers, and it was important that we built on that success while still bringing the company’s visual branding into the 20-teens.

New Logo

As part of the brand refresh for 2017, we needed to look to┬áSea Port’s most recognizable brand assets, starting with the “Wave C” logo. Building off the existing logo, we simplified lines and textures, moderated proportions, and adjusted color. The updated logo will serve as a foundation for evolution of the rest of the brand, including retail and wholesale packaging, web properties, marketing collateral, and more.

New Web Site

The last time the Sea Port web site received an update was 2009. Since then, Sea Port has grown, design trends and web technology have changed, and the target audience has expanded beyond B2B to include retail and direct-to-consumer sales. With that in mind, we set off to create a brand new on a rock-solid platform with relevant, engaging design. The site will allow business clients to place orders with as much ease as individual consumers, on an engaging and informative site. The new launches in 2018.

New Packaging

Also launching in 2017 is new packaging both for food service and retail sale.