Trinity Cannabis Packaging

Trinity Productions started as a cannabis growing operation and with smart re-investing in their business and “REAL GOOD” product, they quickly advanced into becoming a recognized industry brand. Their commitment to quality, batch-crafted product, eco-friendly growing practices and customer service is the base on which they have built their reputation and growth as one of the best suppliers in the state of Washington.


We sat down with the business owner to review brand directives and product details. Cannabis concentrates are a distilled version of the plant, making them a potent and expensive alternative to traditional methods of consumption. Trinity concentrates are made with the full-flower, no plant trim, and the oil is a golden color, which is indicative of high quality concentrates. The product needed a package that showcased the high quality nature of this product.

First, the package structure was designed to showcase product color and clarity with a window in the shape of their shield logo and insert to house the concentrate cartridge within the window. An educated customer recognizes the difference in the color of a superior product. Once the structure was approved, D2 created a logo for what has become their “ALCHEMY COLLECTION” under the Trinity brand and started to design a package that would represent all the brand and sub-brand attributes. We utilized special effects such as gloss and matte coating, and foil stamping for a high end look and feel with plenty of shelf appeal.


The new packaging has just started rolling into stores in Washington state and our customer is feeling the affects of what a finely tuned brand can do for sales.