The University of Washington wanted to boost undergraduate enrollment. They couldn’t have imagined how successful we’d be.


As part of its push to increase enrollment, the University of Washington wanted a new 360 ad campaign that could reach prospective high school students.

Our Strategy

We wanted to find out which ads actually connected with students. Using agile A/B testing we determined the most effective ads. Analytics and trend analysis informed us of the most efficient ways to reach them.

Tracking the Untrackable

While online ads returned the most behavioral data, we analyzed returns from TV ad buys as well as media that are traditionally difficult to track user engagement. We correlated website traffic with location data, TV viewership, social media, and search to fully measure the impact of our messaging.

So what's the result?
You, right now, probably

Seattle Times Article: Record year for applications to state's universities

The Result

Records were smashed. Even though roughly the same number of students graduated Washington high schools in 2015, applications to the university jumped 16½ percent. Put another way, our campaign for the University convinced at about five thousand more people to apply for freshman admission.