Our Team

D2 Creative is where design meets data. In today’s data driven marketplace, these two important marketing tools are becoming inseparable. Diane has been providing successful branding solutions for 25 years and Don DeVange (the other D in D2) is an expert at marketing, analytics and media buying. Together, D2 offers comprehensive branding and marketing solutions. Our mission is to deliver compelling and innovative ideas that position companies and products for vitality and sustainability.

Don DeVange

Principal, Co-Founder, “The Data”

Spirit Animal: Bear

Don is the co-founder and Principal of D2 Creative in Seattle, WA. He has been involved in all aspects of media planning, buying, and analytics for more than a decade. He got started in the world of paid search and SEO and got hooked on the ability to make rapid changes and see impact in near real-time. Now he focuses on accurate measurement to make data-driven decisions that increase sales and efficiency while costs stay under control.

Don started D2 Creative in order to help companies sort through vast amounts of data in various marketing campaigns and convert the knowledge into insight and understand why the customer is responding. He has worked with companies like Microsoft, PACCAR, MasterCard, HTC, T-Mobile and others in order to help them see beyond the ROI and gain insight into their customer to better refine the next marketing campaign.

Don currently lives in Kirkland, WA with his wife and daughter, and their chocolate lab.

Diane Davis

Creative Director, Co-Founder

Spirit Animal: Lion

Diane is co-founder and creative director for D2 Creative in Seattle, WA. She has been working in brand development for over 30 years and has owned her own business for 18. Her experience, insight & continued focus on current design trends makes her a standout in the industry.

Diane started D2 to better understand the symbiosis that happens when great design meets technology, and how and why marketing campaigns perform the way they do. She has worked with companies like Celestial Seasonings Herb Teas, Krusteaz, Oroweat and Oberto. One of her more recent success stories is InnovAsian Cuisine. New package development helped them grow into one of the top-selling frozen Asian food brands.

Diane lives in Kirkland, WA with her son and her golden retriever, Zeus. She is dedicated to good health through balance, nutrition & exercise.

Daniel Stamm


Spirit Animal: Spider

Daniel is our designer/developer, bridging the gap between technology and imagery. Prior to joining D2 upon its creation in September 2014, he ran his own web and design consultancy and was the director of marketing technology for a boutique staffing and events firm in New York. Little else is known.