Caitlin Gardner

Caitlin is a designer with a passion for bringing brands to life. She believes in designing for and with purpose, in the value of collaboration, and in delivering results tailored for each business’s unique needs.

Caitlin has experience designing for different media, including brand and logo development, print, product packaging, digital and social media, and web, and has worked with a wide range of brand industries.

Prior to joining D2, she executed all design and marketing projects as the creative manager of a coffee company, and later managed a team of web designers at a branding and web design agency. She has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Southern Nazarene University.

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Her spirit animal

Like her cat, Luna, Caitlin enjoys living and working within a balance of independence and social connetion and collaboration. Her adaptability and curiosity make her always up for taking on new challenges. And while she may not have nine lives, she does appreciate a good cat nap.