Daniel Stamm

Daniel is a reclusive figure who bridges the gap between technology and design. Beyond the dozens of web sites and web apps he has created since joining D2 at its inception in 2014, he exhibits expertise in solving for clients’ goals through multiple media. His structured, methodical approach to marketing challenges increases the value we can provide to our clients and ensures every decision is defensible, reasonable, and measurable.

Daniel is a technology generalist and prides himself on breadth as well as depth of knowledge. While he is agnostic to platforms, services, CMSs, and tools, the bulk of his latest work is rooted in Amazon Web Services, serverless architectures, and API-first webapps using React and GraphQL.

As a designer, Daniel believes strongly that design is fundamentally distinct from art, but has an appreciation for both. By treating design projects as challenges to be solved, his work shines as uniquely functional and clean (if a little minimalistic at times).

Prior to joining D2, he ran his own web and design consultancy and was the director of marketing technology for a boutique staffing and events firm in New York.

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