Don DeVange

Don has been in the media business for over twelve years. As D2's Co-Founder and Principal Partner, he leads the media and analytics efforts by combining the latest technology to old-fashioned sleuthing to help brands understand how their media is performing on all levels. An additional ten years in sales roles and several more as a professional photographer has helped him hone a skill to understand why people react to some messaging and not others.

These skills lay the foundation for marrying beautiful design to data through analytics. Through constant testing Don and his team identify what it is about the message that makes it successful. Before D2, Don was the founder of DSquared-Media, an on-line marketing firm that focused on performance and growth through testing and optimization, which has been an obsession of his since his early days of sales to pay for college.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Seattle University and is Certified in Google Ads, Digital Marketing, and Analytics.

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