D2's iterative feedback loops help you constantly refine your advertising effectiveness.

There are a myriad of categories of peopleall differentwho respond in just as many different ways to advertising. It's not enough to simply group people into demographics or personas when you're competing for the attention of already-saturated individuals.

D2 is at the forefront of knowing the strategies that work, but also when and where to apply them. We get to know your existing customers and clients on an individual level so we may then accurately target your next clients.

First, your goals

Advertising is ineffective if you just set a budget and leave it. You have to know what you want to accomplish. We work with you to facilitate understanding of possibilities and model scenarios to maximize effectiveness.

Concepts related to advertising strategy

Then, the message

Your message needs to be strong and memorable if you're going to maintain TOMA. While we're confident in our years of creative experience designing ads for multitudinous demographics, we're ultimately empiricists. So we start with a few good ideas and test them before refining your ad creatives for the markets at large.

The media

Repetition is the core of effective advertising. We work in all media and have relationships with the right broadcasters and platforms to make sure your marketing maximizes reach and effectiveness without wasting budget on impossible audiences.

You don't think we're done yet, do you?

We don't just do one round of testing. We constantly monitor your campaign for effectiveness and make micro-adjustments for subsets of your growing empire of attention. With our ever-growing wealth of analytic data, your ads continue to gain ROI.

D2's iterative testing process