Create a game plan to make sure your story is heard

Our process is based on building a strategy that is comprehensive, systematic and highly collaborative. It begins with brand introspection and discovery, explores strategic and creative positioning, and ensures a launch that will connect and resonate with the intended audience.

The D2 branding process diagrammed from discovery to positioning to design to deployment


The Discovery phase is our opportunity to learn what we need to know about corporate mission, vision and goals. We collect information through stakeholder interviews, questionnaires, research and existing/previous marketing efforts and data. This is analyzed then distilled into a creative brief that serves as a guide for purpose and helps define positioning.


Messaging and positioning framework is developed with vision and purpose as a basis. This is the strategic foundation of the brand and outlines target audience, customer personas, and messaging tone and voice. Mood boards are sometimes created in this phase to help define the visual direction for specific KPIs. This can include photography/graphic styles, fonts and color themes as necessary.


With a solid foundation in place, tone and voice are translated into visual elements and refined through design exploration. Multiple design solutions are developed to build different perspectives. The selected direction goes through a series of creative reviews, then finalized for application and launch. Style guides are developed to ensure the correct and consistent application of brand assets.


Every project launch is custom, designed to satisfy project goals and directives laid out in the positioning statement. A well-defined brand story provides unique marketing opportunities within the digital and social spaces. User-generated content can be a convincing sell with a community of customer advocates.

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