Organization is key to effective communication.

A solid, logic-driven information architecture helps search engines and humans find the content you want them to.

Our process makes us different

Only you know every detail about your organization, but it's easy to get tunnel vision that can assume too much from your web site's or app's intended users. We break that logjam by guiding your team through workshops that get at the core of your communications strategy while continuously providing third-party perspective.

We work within your framework

You might begin an information architecture project for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you're completely redoing a web site, starting an app from scratch, making changes in place, or organizing your company's internal documentation to operate more efficiently. Whatever your goals are, we tailor our deliverables to what you need, from itemized spreadsheets and sitemaps to guidebooks to transition scripts for your content management system.

Core goals icons

Before making any content decisions, we lead workshops with stakeholder to set out the organization's goals. With a defined framework of expected results, we can then judge the decisions we make by how well they support those results.