Successful packaging communicates product attributes and emotional appeal in a single glance.

Your product only has 1 second to get someone’s attention. Make it count with the right strategy, design and execution. At D2, we combine market research, brand strategy, competitive analysis, positioning, manufacturing capabilities, placement and budget to determine what works best for your product objectives. D2 has the resources to help you through every step of the process, from research through manufacturing.

Concepts related to packaging

Think inside the box

Products without a purpose will usually fail within the first year. That’s why it’s important to first understand what it is about your product that would make someone want to buy it. What need does it fill and who would benefit from buying it?

We begin with a strategic foundation that outlines product goals and use, target audience, customer personas, brand strategy, and messaging tone and voice. We can then define the appropriate structure and visual direction for photography and graphic styles, fonts and color themes.

The right fit

There are many choices when it comes to deciding on the right structure and material for a package. The package needs to satisfy many different requirements including size, weight, display and manufacturing standards for both store display and shipping.

This is a collaborative process between D2, the client and the printer to ensure all package requirements/regulations are being met and brand strategy is part of the consideration. Sometimes a windowed package will best showcase a product when it’s the right fit.

Get noticed

Much of what consumers process about a package is color, shape, iconography, brand logos and emotionally engaging imagery.

Brand development can include logo design or refinement, or just package design development if there is already an established brandmark. We review concepts based on the positioning statement, further explore visual styles, fonts, photography and go through several rounds of refinement, based on stakeholder feeback, to arrive at a solution that satisfies all goals. Our end goal is to get noticed in an already busy marketplace.

Get out there

A great product or package is only successful if you let people know about it. There are a myriad of ways to get your product to market through social media, digital ad campaigns, in-store promotions, press releases, email, and more. D2 can help determine the right media mix to successfully get you out there and get noticed.