Most people spend an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media daily.

Social media participation has evolved from sharing photos with friends and family into a critical tool for public relations, search optimization, and brand awareness.

Many brands create an account and add a few posts in as low-cost a way as possible; even passing it off to an intern to manage it and make post decisions. The truth is, social media has become an integral part of a comprehensive brand strategy. It should be a dialogue with customers, not a monologue and should be considered an integrated piece of the marketing pie. The most successful companies are increasing their investments in social and gaining access to more qualified targeted audiences through traffic and subsequent analytics.

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Identifying your audience and their social media usage is crucial to making your social media campaign a success. It goes beyond fan and follower acquisition, engagement, or pure sales metrics; it requires a strategic data-driven approach to activation with targeting, messaging, and KPIs that are tailored to a brand’s audience and objectives. A social media audit can provide valuable insights about your audience and the keys to understanding how messaging should be crafted to achieve your goals.

We do the research to understand your customers, their interests, behaviors and patterns, D2 tests and analyzes social keywords, different networks and types of content to uncover which sites and apps drive traffic, as well as which are most in demand from your customers or target audience. We can then build an effective strategy and define appropriate messaging for the right social platforms.


The most effective social media defines clear goals and builds an authentic, relevant story that aligns with overall brand strategy. At D2, our solutions are crafted around your specific needs and goals. Those goals could be as broad as building brand awareness, increasing customer engagement, expanding reach or growing sales; or as specific as driving engagement on a particular topic such as hiring or a corporate event.

We take a comprehensive approach to social media management, developing strategies that leverage both paid and organic tactics, designed to reach existing and prospective customers with relevant, timely information, and engaging content.

Building a solid strategy for social media is complex, but vital for any brand. It involves research, brand strategy, storytelling, individualized content development for different platforms, social influencers, events, contests, polls and continuous engagement. This can promote followers, likes, and encourage sharing to help spread your message to a broader audience and encourage brand ambassadors.


To develop a strong social media presence for our clients we bring together brand-consistent creative, interesting and relevant content, a strong editorial calendar to ensure ongoing engagement, and a proper mix of paid and organic social advertising.

We identify topics your audience is passionate about and build content with engaging graphics, relevant videos, blog posts, contests and shareable articles that support your message. We maintain monthly posting from an approved monthly calendar then report on engagement metrics and pivot messaging as necessary.

D2 is your resource for a comprehensive social media management partner. Our approach helps clients get the most out of their social media investment and drive the results that achieve their goals.

Our social media services include: