When it's not enough to be on fleek, reach the people you really wanna talk to

Technical optimization

We evaluate your digital properties to identify areas of improvement such as markup structure, loading/render times, image tagging, and machine-readable content. We build technical optimizations into every web site and app we build.

Long gone are the days when packing a list of keywords into a <meta> tag would have a measurable effect on your rankings with search engines. As Google and others employ artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to deliver the most relevant content to their users, your best course of action is to create actually relevant content and develop organic traffic to it. We help with that.

Improving search with social

The fastest and most efficient way to build relevance in the eyes of the search empires is through community engagement. Social media platforms offer an easy way to generate 'buzz' around your offering. Search engines pick up on that.

An organized and holistic approach

None of this exists in a vacuum. You need expertise and discipline to know what to do and to do it well. We help you build a custom plan for improving your web traffic, including:

  • Competitor research
  • Editorial calendars
  • Outreach strategy