SEO is no longer a single tactical arrow, but a quiver of talents and skill sets

SEO is probably one of the few skills one can learn from novice to expert for free with all the materials available online, as long as you're willing to commit the time to read, learn, practice, and test.

However, SEO is changing faster than most can keep up with, and the first information you find will be outdated, and you won't know how to measure performance or run tests. Let's face it: SEO is no longer a single tactical arrow, but a quiver of talents and skillsets. D2 knows how to hit the mark, with 15 years of experience in a field that’s only 25 years old.

Concepts related to seo

Balance brands vs bots

The unique modern challenge of SEO is to balance content discovery between the perspectives of the algorithms that index the web and the people who actually use it. We could optimize your site for what the robots see and flood you with traffic, but chances are it wouldn’t be the right kind of traffic. We could instead optimize the user experience to make every person fall in love with the site visually and experientially, but Google will never even know it's there outside of a domain name. There's a balance between brand and bot. D2 walks that line with a little extra emphasis on the brand, because it's the brand that sells, not the bot. It informs our approach to writing content, tagging pages, and evaluating performance.

D2's approach to SEO is to grow your traffic from organic search with the best possible audience quality. It means we don't pay attention to ranks or keyword reports (most search engines stopped paying attention to that more than a decade ago). We focus on user experience, conversion rates, engagement, and content quality.

Technical optimization

We evaluate your digital properties to identify areas of improvement such as markup structure, loading/render times, image tagging, and machine-readable content. We build technical optimizations into every web site and app we build.

Long gone are the days when packing a list of keywords into a <meta> tag would have a measurable effect on your rankings with search engines. As Google and others employ artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to deliver the most relevant content to their users, your best course of action is to create actually relevant content and develop organic traffic to it. We can help with that.

Improving search with social

One of the fastest and most efficient way to build relevance in the eyes of the search empires is through community engagement. Social media platforms offer an effective way to generate 'buzz' around your business. Search engines pick up on social activity and can boost your rankings if you have all the right triggers in place.

Our approach helps you get the most out of your investment with the experience to optimize and drive the results that achieve your goals. Contact us now for a consultation on how your site can maximize its traffic and ROI today.