Empirical evidence gives you the best foundation to make crucial marketing decisions.

At D2, we LOVE testing. Like, GLaDOS levels of love for testing. It's defensible. It's fun. It gives us essential knowledge to make better decisions than marketing on a hunch.

In short: it gets results.

It's not about what you like

Our clients tend to know their customer base pretty well, and we don't discount that knowledge. But we also know that as humans, it's hard to be perfect. So we rely on what we can measure and what gets results. It's our mission to move the needlenot appease executives' egos.

Testing ads

When we run ad campaigns, we don't just come up with a single campaign and go with it based on gut instinct. We come up with a number of concepts and test in limited markets, measuring impact, clicks, conversions, awareness, and other factors that indicate efficacy. After that, we expand the winning ad creative to other formats.


It doesn't stop with ads, and it doesn't stop with broad execution either.

It's one thing to test ads, but the ultimate goal is to test against a hypothesis. Do the ads work the way you expect them to?

Proper and rigorous testing provides information that you can use beyond any ad and apply to the rest of your firm's branding and messaging efforts because it tells you in nearly real-time how your audience is responding with actions.