It's all about the experience.

Trade shows are an opportunity to create a unique face-to-face branded experience. In this arena, personalization goes a long way when trying to engage customers. D2 has all the resources to help build a trade show experience that will not only attract customers, but also engage them with your product or service to create a lasting impression.

Concepts related to trade show booths

Build a comprehensive strategy

When planning your overall booth theme, we consider every detail - booth design & messaging, staff shirts and engagement strategy, collateral, giveaways, marketing pre and post show and any attendee touchpoints available at the event. If you create an experience that provides value to the people who pass by it, they’re more likely to participate. D2 can help you look like a complete, professionally pulled together package.

The trend for trade show booths is to create a place where people feel comfortable hanging out or create a cool, unique experience that works with the overall booth theme, like an activity or give-away.

For the InnovAsian Cuisine booth we created an Asian bistro experience for people to take a break from walking the show floor, rest for a minute and sample some tasty Asian cuisine. Two serving stations with digital menu boards were set up, one with their current product offerings and one with potential new products. This was a great opportunity to test new product ideas for marketplace viability. Opinions and email addresses were collected digitally for further evaluation.

Create a lasting impression

Ultimately trade shows are a way to engage with existing customers, attract new customers and build brand awareness. This is the place to give customers and partners the VIP treatment. Invite them to team dinners, get them all-star access to events that are hard to get into, and make time for them. D2 will build your next brand experience and create a lasting impression that ensures customer retention and growth.