Video is quickly becoming the medium of choice for consuming advertising content.

Research shows that 96% of consumers find video helpful when making purchases; 73% say they are more likely to buy an item after watching a video explaining the product. Employees absorb information 7% faster when instructions are provided visually, and learning and educational content are viewed over a billion times a day on YouTube. If you’re not considering video within your overall marketing plan, you could be missing an essential piece of the marketing pie.

Video process


We start with a well-thought-out creative brief outlining project background, audience, messaging, display format, and advertising tone and voice. An effective script and storyboard align with overall branding objectives, the creative brief outline and any other marketing initiatives that may be part of the campaign. Effective video should cover only one topic that your intended audience cares to learn about and communicates that information in an engaging way.


Music and voice have a considerable impact on the emotional presentation or tone of a video. These elements help to showcase your personality, explain your product benefits and tell an engaging story that can help build brand loyalty when executed succinctly. Both music and voice audio can be uplifting, passionate, relaxing, or almost anything, depending on content and how you want your audience to feel about your product or service.


With a solid foundation in place, tone and voice is translated into visual elements. Our videos are as unique as each product or service. Sometimes a filmed testimonial video is appropriate for social media or a product website; or a drone video might best showcase a new construction site. In contrast, an animated video might better explain a service or campaign message. We have the tools and comprehensive strategy to define what the right direction is for your product or service.


Post production is where the magic happens. This is where your story comes to life. We bring together the visual and audio elements to create an engaging experience that exemplifies your brand, explains your product or service, has a clear benefit and tells a great story. Our expertise will ensure your next video is both entertaining and has high informational value.