Social Media

Increase brand awareness, reach new audiences, and share your story.

Social media are meant to help individuals and organizations interact quickly and succinctly, with less formality than other channels. That casual nature of social media can be misleading, as it takes dedication and strategy for organizations to make the best use of it. Simply tweeting or posting to a Facebook page a few times a month will have little impact on your business.

D2 knows this, and conducts the strategic planning necessary to help you reach your marketing and branding goals on social media–and for that matter, in all channels. See what we can do for you.


It all starts with research. Keywords, themes, content ideas, and a clear strategy of how you’re going to reach your target audience.


The fastest way to relevance is to create good content. Publish valuable and useful information and offer a variety of media: images, videos, infographics, and classic text-based content.

Brand Image

Consistency is king. Social platforms will almost universally facilitate a more casual interaction, but that can still fit in with even the most ‘corporate’ brand image, if done well.


The social media game is more than just the content you offer; it’s a conversation. Linking to outside sources improves trust and reliability, and ‘paying it forward’ will bring more links and traffic to you!


Look at your competitors. Just…look at ’em. What keywords are they using? What sort of content are the publishing? What kind of interactions are they having with their customers?


All of this is just playing around online unless you have a way to quantify and track the effect your social efforts have on your bottom line. Use analytics software, A/B testing, content tagging, and social-sourced conversions.